Aquarobic Canada provides:

  • a design and consultation service to engineers, contractors, and homeowners
  • extended warranty and service, through our maintenance program, for all Aquarobic systems and insure existing systems are functioning as per manufacturer’s design.
  • We are pursuing new system models and disposal methods for Canadian regulations.

There have been approximately 20,000 Aquarobic wastewater treatment systems installed in Ontario since 1970. From the Model 480 to the The Mini Plant and Maxi-Plant, Aquarobic has been a leader in the wastewater treatment industry. With the ability of the Maxi-Plant to effectively process over 500,000 litres of wastewater a day, many have been installed in Canada, United States, and Caribbean Islands. The The Mini Plant systems are ideally suited for new installations on difficult sites, and renovations on existing septic systems that require a daily flow increase, using the existing filter field area.