Applications for Mini-Plant and Maxi-Plant:

  • An Aquarobic system can be used for multiple buildings on the same lot.
  • The discharge area can be installed anywhere, as the plants have their own pumps.
  • An Aquarobic system can reduce the required filter bed area up to half the size of a conventional septic system.
  • For difficult sites and remote access, the Mini-Plant and our fiberglass tank is ideal because the system can be transported easily and does not require a large excavation to be installed.
  • Mini-Plant’s and Maxi-Plant’s are also ideally suited for retrofits in repairing or replacing failed systems, or increasing designed flow requirements.
  • Maxi-Plant’s have been used as treatment plants for Parks, Camps, Golf Course & Recreational Clubs, Restaurants & other commercial facilities (i.e., shopping centres, motels), Small Communities, Resort Hotels, Condominiums, Schools, and Service Centres.

The above is a MicroMini-28 installation for a cottage that required 2,700 litres a day processing capacity. The system was installed on a 1,840 gallon single chamber concrete tank, and discharges to a 27 sq. m. filter bed.

This is a Mini-Plant installation for a seasonal residence. The total daily flow for the new residence and boathouse was calculated at 5,400 Litres/Day. Aquarobic balanced the calculated flow for the seasonal residence down to 4,000 Litres/Day using the formula’s provided in the Building Code. We installed a MiniPlant-70 on a 4,000 gallon concrete processing tank and discharged 4,000 litres a day to a 1,500 gallon balancing (dosing) tank. The balancing tank dosed 167 litres of effluent every hour into a 40 sq. m. filter bed. In this situation, the Mini-Plant and processing tank were sized large enough to retain the original calculated flow and disperse it over the week.

The above is a Mini-Plant installation for 1,600 litres per day designed flow, replacing a failed older system. The plant was installed on a 1,000 gal single chamber concrete tank and a 6 ft x 28 ft filter bed was constructed between the 2 buildings.

These pictures are Mini-Plant’s that were installed at residences requiring an increase in designed flow rates due to additions. The systems were installed and connected into the existing discharge areas.

The above is a Maxi-Plant Denitrification System in Aquarobic fiberglass tanks installed at a school in Ontario. It processes 16,000 litres a day.

This is a Maxi-Plant installation at an Ontario resort. The system processes up to 140,000 litres a day.

The above is an installation of a Maxi-Plant for a resort and condominium complex in Ontario. The system is designed to process 55,000 litres a day.